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I met Felicia at the Leona Edmiston Boutique in Santa Monica. I walked in feeling, but not consciously knowing, that I needed a radical fashion make over.

I am a corporate organizational development consultant. I need to look professional but with an edge. I am 68 years old with the body of a 40 year old --who is in good shape. I work with bright MBAs in their 30s and 40s. The questions to my clients are.... Who are you? Where do you want to go with your professional and personal life? Let’s come up with a plan to bring you forward. I need to look as if I am in successful foreword motion. That is the only way I can work successfully with my clients.

Felicia understood that in just a few moments of conversation in my first session with her. After working with her, dresses became a new staple in my wardrobe! Normally they were out of my comfort zone. She showed me that feeling polished & pulled together is easy now that I have all the right staple pieces! Every time I wear an outfit she put together for me I feel TOTALLY in my professional and personal Success Zone! She has the ability to go through the shop, pick out five home runs, add the shoes, handbags, jewelry, scarves, hosiery and spanx, or whatever else you need to complete the look within an hour.

I do not have the talent to do that. I do not have the time to do that. Even if I had the time and talent I could not do that as well as Felicia. Her sense of style is right on the mark-every time!

Felicia is certainly the fashion coach extraordinaire for the professional woman, the woman who loves fun fashion and the woman who loves to look “hot” at least two-three times a week. She can guide any woman into feeling & looking her very best!

Wishing Felicia every success in her future fashion adventures and endeavors.

Carol Segrave, Segrave & Associates

Santa Monica, CA

I met Felicia through another client of hers who is one my best friends. I know she loves working with Felicia, so I had a sense I'd get along well with her too. Now, after a year and a half of working with her, I can honestly say my own personal style has evolved and grown as a result of working with her.

Felicia has an amazing eye for spotting unique qualities in her clients and real skill with bringing those qualities to the forefront. Her manner is warm, friendly and extremely supportive, yet also very playful and fun. She puts her clients so at ease that she makes a potentially emotionally arduous task - shopping for clothing - feel like a grown up game of dress-up. Because she brings such a sense of fun to her work, she helps you venture outside your comfort zone in terms of shape and color, and inevitably helps you look at yourself in a completely new way. She isn't shy about what she thinks and won't do you any favors, but she does so in a totally supportive fashion. I trust her to know what makes the most of what I've got and steer me away from anything that doesn't.

As a result of working with Felicia, I've noticed a substantial and positive evolution in my style choices. I feel a lot more comfortable with my body shape and what I can make work for me. If I could have her help me get dressed every morning or for every special occasion, I would! She's a trusted adviser and friend - someone who you know will always have your best interests at heart and help you look fabulous which is why Felicia Willow is awesome!

Christina Sales, Specialist, Standards & Practices Discovery Communications, Inc.

Silver Springs, MD

I first met Felicia at the Leona Edmiston Boutique in Santa Monica. Leona dresses have a distinct vintage-inspired style that I found initially intimidating, but Felicia helped me find dresses that were flattering to my petite, curvy shape. Before meeting Felicia, I would shy away from all dresses, feeling like a stumpy log in everything that I put on. She not only showed me which dresses would work for me, but she made me feel better in dresses than any of the pants that I owned.

Felicia always looks for the finished look—she’s suggested all accessories (shoes, jewelry, and belts) to complete every look she has created for me. She uses her impeccable personal taste, which has a hint of bohemian flair, and manages to mesh it seamlessly with my own, more conservative style. Felicia is able to predict which dresses will appeal to my eye, and she creates complete ensembles for me which have drawn compliments from almost everyone around me. I wear every single item she’s recommended because I feel comfortable, put together, and stylish in them, unlike the other 80% of my wardrobe that stays in my closet!

Throughout the years that I’ve consistently worked with Felicia on my style, she’s reached beyond the role of a regular stylist. Felicia has a magnetic and charming personality that makes working with her a pleasure. She’s able to put me at ease no matter what topic we’re discussing—from proper undergarments to pop culture. She’s a great listener, which only enhances her ability to pick the perfect wardrobe items for me. I really appreciate Felicia’s attention to detail and her personal touch in the way she approaches personal style.

Jacqueline Hsu

Houston, TX

I have been a client of Felicia Willow for years, throughout which time she has helped me buy incredible dresses, bags, belts and jewelry (as well as great tips on shoes to match) that I wear to Red Carpet events, a great night out on the town, as well as Hollywood meetings, or a day at the office! I always get compliments and I have Felicia to thank. She takes great care to know her clients well and can put together exactly the look you need and sometimes help push a little outside the comfort zone and introduce a new look that suddenly you adopt as your own, taking your fashion level a notch higher. I always know that if I am dressed and styled by Felicia, I look fantastic. If only I could get her advice every day!!

Her personal sense of style is impeccable – both hip & trendy as well classic and chic. I shouldn’t embarrass myself but I swear there are times I am getting dressed and ask myself, “How would Felicia put this together??” (true story).


More women should experience the magic she effortlessly exudes on a daily basis and brings to her clients!

Lori Tilkin deFelicie, Sr. Vice President, Lion Rock Productions

Los Angeles, CA

I met Felicia at Leona Edmiston when I happened to be walking by the boutique and decided to stop in.  Immediately I noticed Felicia knew what she was talking about and had such a great energy. I found her to be so encouraging and eager to find that perfect outfit for me. I was hooked. I've been shopping with Felicia ever since.

Over the years she has helped me understand how to really get the full use of my clothing by accessorizing. For instance she has shown me how to take a dress and use accessories to turn it from day to night. She has also encouraged me to use my accessories with outfits I never would have imagined could work. She has a great eye for my personal style as well as for my body type. I also must mention she has challenged me to stretch my own ideas of myself with my clothing and express more of my creativity with my clothing, shoes/boots, jewelry, belts and bags.

In my line of work (construction), fashion is nonexistent. I am still a woman who needs to feel attractive, feminine and flirty. Felicia has encouraged me to throw a little flare into my uniform (jeans and t-shirt) by throwing on a cool chunky necklace and bracelet. She always says "Why Not!" And she's right, it makes me feel better.

Melanie Romain, Toberman Construction Company

Los Angeles, CA

I met Felicia Willow when I was looking for a dress to wear to my daughter's college graduation. She helped me find not only one dress that I loved, but three. She also guided me on the right shoes, purse, and jewelry. Everything that I bought was exactly right.

Over the years I have purchased other dresses, jewelry, belts, and bags, all under her guidance, with ideas of how to wear them and change them around for different looks.

Felicia is a great model! I buy items of clothing that she is wearing that I had no intention of buying. I have many times spent more money than I planned-Always being happy with the purchases.

Felicia has great taste! She knows how to put herself together in a way that appears to be effortless. She is a great asset to the Leona Edmiston store. I appreciate her professionalism and her genuine interest in making me look and feel my best!

She has a wonderful personality that comes through without being pushy or overpowering. I genuinely enjoy shopping with her and taking her lead.

Carolyn Giss Stein, MA, LMFT

Los Angeles, CA

I met Felicia  at one of my favorite dress shops in Santa Monica. Felicia is my “go to fashion guru” since she is always so helpful in assisting me with putting together outfits. I was never very good at accessorizing and Felicia is an expert!

She knows my style sense and what will be most attractive on me. When new merchandise arrives, she always contacts me and chooses exactly what would suit me perfectly.

My style tends to be somewhat conservative, but when Felicia chooses the ideal belt, earrings and shoes, my “new look” is an eye catcher. She transforms my average everyday fashion image into a “woman about town”! She’s been instrumental in having men glance, not once, but at least three times, and it’s all due to the outfit I’m wearing.

I can’t thank Felicia enough!

Leslie Dempsey Miller

Beverly Hills, CA

There are some people who are just born with great taste. It's a gift. But without the accompanying ability to put any kind of person at ease, stand in their shoes and nurture them to be, and believe they can be their most stylish, fabulous self, they do not make a great stylist. Felicia Willow has all of these gifts in spades.

Felicia has managed my boutique for several years and has a legion of women, of all ages, from all walks of life, who would happily tell you they wouldn't know where to start if it wasn't for Felicia's astute styling advice. She is their trusted go to woman when they want to feel and look fabulous. 


In addition to her incredible styling abilities and charm, She is also one of the most lovely people I have ever come across.

Kym WIlson, Owner, Leona Edmiston

Los Angeles, CA

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