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Callie is a very special dilute calico tabby in need of an immediate foster or forever home.  She will thrive in a quiet loving home with someone who can be patient and let her build trust at her own pace. She likes other cats and could do well with cat buddies or solo. As you can see from her photos she has made quite a transformation. 

Callie had a very rough start and deserves a chance to be safe, warm, pampered and loved. We believe she was someone's pet as a kitten and then dumped outside in  a feral colony. She was tentative with humans initially but has made incredible progress thanks to the amazing person who rescued and fostered her. She's definitely not feral-she does not hiss or growl at humans, does not hide and gets along well with other cats. She even enjoys head rubs now! Callie has so much potential, she just needs more time to blossom.

Here's a little back story on her:
An amazing  fellow independent rescuer who saves countless cats and kittens came across Callie when she was called to trap a pregnant mama cat in January of this year.  While looking for the pregnant mama cat, she saw this kitty sitting under a car & could see immediately she was in really rough shape and when she inquired about the cat she was told "Don't worry about that cat, it's very sick and dying". She knew right away this cat needed immediate help! It took a couple days to trap her because she was so sick and uninterested in food. Now, 6 months and several vet visits later Callie is spayed, treated and doing much better. Her current foster can no longer keep her because she is overloaded and does not have the space. Help Callie by being part of her rescue journey! Contact us for more details.

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