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We lovingly volunteer our time and resources to facilitate these rescue missions. We have saved over 75 animals since 2017 and assisted in dozens more rescue efforts by providing guidance and information to like minded animal lovers, as well as networking animals in need of homes. Below are a few of our success stories!

If you want to learn more about these wonderful kitties who are up for adoption, click HERE.

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Felicia was alerted to a family of kitties living underneath of a shed in Sylmar in late April of 2017. With Felicia's guidance a good Samaritan fed and monitored them until the kittens were old enough to be rescued. The mom is semi feral so the best thing for her to be TNR'd. She has become more and more friendly over time with kind young woman who has continued to her feed her. Meet Fitz, Beloved, Kedi, Sarah Jane, Squeaky & Mama Varika. 


Only 1 week after rescuing the Sylmar Shed kittens, we learned of another family of kitties barely scraping by in a dirty parking lot behind an apartment complex in East Hollywood on a busy street. With no consistent access to food or water, the mama was on the verge of starvation from feeding her kittens. These kitties were in rough shape. They had URI's, severe flea infestation, & were very malnourished. With the help of friends, Felicia spent three long days waiting, coaxing, and trapping all 6 kitties. Meet Fela, Seun, Miss Rabbit, Mr. Grey, Mr. Milkshake and Mama Nova, This was one of the trickiest rescue missions because the kittens were all very good at hiding in places that we could not access. We believe the Mama had a home as a kitten and was dumped because she was not completely feral and went into the trap very willingly. 


Later in June of 2017, Felicia received an inquiry for help and took on the task of saving 5 more kittens & their Mama who were living under a busy restaurant on Abbot Kinney. Thanks to the care & compassion of the GM of the restaurant, Nadia, she and Felicia spent 3 days trapping, bathing, & slowly beginning to build trust with the kittens. They were a bit older (12 weeks old) and trickier to socialize because their distrust & fear of humans was already more engrained. Nadia  made amazing progress while fostering them & they are now in happy forever homes. The Mama was truly feral and very stressed being confined, so she was TNR'd. Meet Buci, Bowie, Murphy, Jagger, and Mama Vintage.


In early August of 2017 a family of severely neglected cats were discovered in someone's yard in mar vista. They had been born indoors, to the owners cat, but when they began having health issues they were put outside because they were "too messy". The kittens were severely emaciated and half the weight they should have been for their age. They were being fed dry dog food and had an extreme parasite infestation. These kittens were in the worst shape physically that we had seen to date. They were also just about the sweetest kittens we had ever met, despite the conditions they were living in. Kittie Komittee teamed up with The Rescue Team to save them and get them the medical care they needed. Sadly while working on a rescue plan for the two adult cats and negotiating with the owner to surrender them, both cats were hit by cars.


in February of 2018, Felicia learned about a beautiful orange Maine Coon beauty who had been left behind at an apt building in Boyle Heights when his owner died 3 years prior. Several people had been leaving food out for him but he lost the safe, indoor home he once knew. A good Samaritan who had taken over feeding him could see how sweet and heartbroken he was and she wanted a better life for him so she posted him in some rescue groups. We teamed up with Sante D'Or to rescue him and now he's living the good life with his foster Mom who ended up adopting him.

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