Designer, Stylist, and Kittie Savior with a love for beautiful things that tell a story. 


I create limited edition and one-of-a-kind Jewelry, Clothing and designs to adorn the Home.

I also offer personal styling, personal shopping and wardrobe editing services to a wide array of clients 

ranging from savvy business women and celebrities, to stay-at-home moms. Helping others look and feel their best has always been something I am passionate about.

Originally from Montana & Colorado, I was raised in a very creative and artistic environment. My enthusiasm for fashion and dress up started at a very early age. As a young adult, I moved to the east coast, where I learned every aspect of the luxury retail fashion business by running several high end multi label clothing and accessory boutiques. 

 During my time learning the many facets of the luxury retail and styling industry, I also discovered my talent and love of jewelry making, which in turn led me into a new business venture, thanks to the interest of local boutique owners. After  marketing my line in small boutiques of Nantucket, Boston and

Palm Beach, decided to further my skills by attending Boston's renowned

North Bennet Street School for Fine Jewelry Making.

I believe my unique combination of experience on both sides of the fashion industry, both as a designer and a stylist, have given me a deeper understanding of how to dress the variety of clients I work with. 

For over a decade I have been creating limited edition collections, like Desert Rose and one-of-a-kind custom fine and fashion jewelry using a wide range of materials. I also specialize in Custom Wedding and Engagement rings with the belief jewelry should feel special and personal. 

When designing clothing, I strive to create pieces that utilize my materials in a unique way. I love to mix simple lines with mystical prints and textures. Unusual Jackets and Kimonos are staples in my collection because they are universally flattering.


Every garment and piece of jewelry I design, is created to make the wearer feel empowered,

unique and effortlessly beautiful.


My other love is Animal Rescue. When I am not furthering my craft as a stylist and designer I dedicate myself to saving homeless animals in need and sharing tools with the community. 5% of all sales benefit Kittie KomitteeClick HERE to learn more.

I believe that by sharing the things we love, we can inspire compassion and help others see

the beauty in themselves and the world around them.