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Mike and Ike are adorable bonded litter mates in search of their forever home!

Ike is the lighter colored brother and the more confident of the two. He loves to be petted and purrs quite a bit! 

Mike is the darker colored one and he's the shyer one of the two. He looks to his brother, Ike, like a guardian. Although he can be a bit shy, a slow, steady and confident demeanor from his human helps his confidence! Both have made amazing strides and will continue to blossom in their forever home!

They were rescued from the streets of LA at 2.5 months hey are a charming 5.5 months old now.

They love their toys- especially small mouse shaped ones! A cardboard scratcher is Ike's idea of heaven. They like to sing in a chorus for meal times which is a delight!

These amazing brothers are adoptable together! They are currently in a foster home in Los Angeles. You can meet them by appointment.

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