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Mr. Milkshake is a gorgeous grey & white Snowshoe Siamese mix with a unique heart shape on his back! He is a thinker who will assess you before he surrenders his affection. Once he does his loving loyalty to you is so pure your heart will melt. He is extremely playful and that is the best time to bond with him. He is curious and smart so his brain needs lots of nourishment through active play. Capture his soul with soothing whispers all the while giving him some gentle pets and he will be putty in your hands. In a nutshell Mr. Milkshake is an independent free spirit with a poetic mind that is busy absorbing the world around him. He is tightly bonded with his amazing snowshoe siamese brother, Seun. They must be adopted as a pair!  Mr. Milkshake is currently in a foster home in Los Angeles. You can meet this beautiful boy by appointment.

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