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Bowie is a handsome orange cuddle monster.  He’ll follow you around for pets and purrs and loves snuggling up with you on the couch. His favorite activity is playing with feather toys where  he shows off his acrobatic skills when flying through the air to catch them. Buci is the poster kitten for adorableness, he’s the first one up in the morning looking for some love and will wrap himself around your leg purring for pets. He's a gorgeous orange lion with an amazing bushy tail that gives him a regal demeanor. He and his three siblings, were rescued from underneath a busy restaurant in venice CA in late June. They are about 6 months old & still love to play! Their adorable antics will entertain and their beauty will capture your heart! Bowie + Buci are a bonded pair + must be adopted together. They also get along great with the three, older resident cats of their foster so they could do well in a home with other cats too. They are currently in a foster home in Los Angeles. You can meet them by appointment.

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