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This charming due is searching for their forever home or a wonderful foster asap!

Murphy is a lover with expressive, cartoon like eyes. He loves cuddling, playing with toys and sprawling out on rugs for naps.He sometimes hisses at his own shadow and then just as quick will start purring at it.

Jagger is a beautiful little Tortie girl who holds her own with her brothers.

She started out as the most terrified of all 4 kittens but now is a confident,

sweet, daredevil who loves climbing high!  She loves laying in

windowsills and sun puddles. 

She and her three siblings Buci, Bowie, and Murphy, were rescued from underneath a busy restaurant in Venice, CA in late June. They are about 9

months old but still love to play! Their adorable antics will entertain and their beauty will capture your heart!


Murphy and Jagger are a bonded pair and must stay together. They also get along great with other cats! They are currently in a foster home in Los Angeles. You can meet them by appointment.

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