Katy is a beautiful grey & white petite female 7-9 year old Turkish Angora mix with irresistible silky hair who lost the home she'd always known.


She is most comfortable with men and loves to be on or near you while  making biscuits. She enjoys sleeping in dark places and usually in bed with her human when it’s time to retire at the end of the evening. 

She's a very sensitive cat who absorbs the energy of the humans around her so she needs an in-tune, experienced cat lover with a calm, confident demeanor. She's very shy at first but so sweet and has a lot of love to give, to someone who's willing to give her a chance and be patient. She's smart, observant, cuddly, talkative and loves to explore! She will do best in a home without other pets or one male cat. She gets along with her foster brother but does not care for other female cats.

Katy is declawed (front claws only) ***Please note, Kittie Komittee does not support or allow declawing but in some cases, cats that we are helping

re-home have already been declawed. 

Katy is currently in a foster home in Malibu, CA. You can meet her by appointment.

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