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 Meet Nova, a 12 month old, grey and white Snowshoe Siamese mix, and the mother of 5 kittens that were living in a parking lot in east Hollywood until early June when we began a 3 day rescue mission to save them all. I knew in her eyes that she was not a "Feral" cat. She was barely older than a kitten herself. She was terrified from living on the street. She could hardly stand because she was so frail and thin from caring for her kittens. Now she is happy, healthy and has made incredible progress trusting humans again thanks to her amazing foster! 

It is time for Nova to find her forever family, or she needs a new foster asap.  She will thrive in a quiet loving with someone who can be patient and let her build trust at her own pace. She is ok with other cats that have calm demeanor. Let's give her the chance she deserves to kick back and enjoy life! If you want calm, sweet, laid back lady, you'll love Nova!

She made a new friend named Lucy, a precious female 4-6 year year old Tabby in her current foster home. Lucy was pulled from a shelter just before she was scheduled to euthanized because she too was very shy at the time and was overlooked. Both of these ladies are so sweet and have so much love to share! Young mother cats and shy cats often get overlooked because everyone wants to adopt kittens. Lucy is also available for adoption, so if you are looking for a pair let us know. The current priority is getting Nova into a new home, so she will be fine to be adopted out solo to the right person.

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